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Dubbing + Voice Over

Turkish, Arabic and English dubbing with our dynamic staff and 13 years of experience, tailored to your creative 



Thanks to our expert staff of translators of more than 120 and our partners we translate from more than 35 languages into Turkish.  We currently generate over 2000 hours of high quality subtitles each year.


We bring you all kinds of services for your needs in sound and music production. While recording projects make a difference with our expert team in the field, we guarantee the perfect service thanks to our state-of-the-art equipment and high-level studios. We offer you a variety of audio applications that you can think of, such as music production, instrument and vocal recording, mixing, mastering, game music & sound effects, TV series & movie soundtracks, animation music & sound effects, jingles and commercial music.

Foley + Sound Design

We produce sound for your film, video and other media needs with the foley and sound design services we offer in order to make your content more effective.


By using 3 different types of microphones, we bring the realism of your content to the next level thanks to the sound effects that we reproduce vividly in the studio environment, increasing the focus of the audience on the content.


We produce and help you produce podcasts at the highest quality standards.


We give voice to your educational content. Thanks to our professional staff, we ensure that your content is delivered in the right tone.

Microphone Close-Up
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